Pheromones – what exactly are they?


You probably have heard about this substance, but perhaps you haven’t read more closely its definition. In this article you will learn more about pheromones.



Let’s start with the linguistic origins of the word. The word “pheromone” from the Greek literally means “carrier of excitement” because it was created by combining the words “pherin” (“carries”) and “horme” (“arousal”). As you can see, already in the ancient times their power was known and appreciated.

If we were to attempt a more scientific definition, it would sound more or less like this: pheromones are volatile chemical compounds that are produced by all organisms living on the outside. They are used primarily to improve interspecies communication. They are also responsible for causing encoded physiological responses or specific behaviour in an individual of the same species.

You haven’t understood much of this, have you? Basically, pheromones are chemical compounds that elicit positive emotions and feelings (desire, affection, respect, trust, security) in people who feel them. So, if you are getting ready for a date, a business meeting or going out with friends to a disco, you can increase the chance of ending the evening exactly in the way you want. Just a few drops and you are ready …


Who and when discovered pheromones?

The first discovered pheromone was bombykol – a compound secreted from the glands of female silkworms. Thanks to its action, females were able to lure their partners even from a distance of 11 km! This information is known to us thanks to the team of A. Butenandt that – suspecting their existence – sought these compounds for 30 years. Finally, they managed to discover them in 1959. Butenandt isolated bombykol, he defined its role and place of its secretion. To obtain a dozen mg of this pheromone, as much as 500,000 glands of female silkworm were used!

Currently, pheromones are the secret weapon in the fight for a partner, promotion or better results in sports. Thanks to them, you can influence the development of the situation – and without the use of magic! Used on them own or in combination with your favourite perfume, they will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!