Pheromones are a topic that the Poles have not yet been fully accustomed to. There is still a lot of questions that we need to answer. There are still some concerns that need to be clarified. We collected them here: questions frequently asked by you with our answers, which we hope will be satisfactory. However, if you don’t think that we elaborated on some issue enough, or you would like to ask a question that is not included here, please contact us!


1. Where should we apply pheromones?

To get the longest duration of the scent, first apply a few drops of pheromones around the neck and hair. Then distribute them on the wrists. That is because in these places the blood flows, so that the scent becomes more intense. You can also apply pheromones to your clothes (e.g. jackets or coats) – you will feel the fragrance even for several days.


2. Can the use of pheromones be dangerous for the skin?

There is no such possibility in any case. Our pheromones and perfumes with pheromones have been clinically tested and their use is 100% secure.


3. Can the use of pheromones cause dangerous reactions in other people?

Pheromones cannot cause any dangerous reactions or behaviour in other people, such as aggression or fear. They are only a source of positive stimuli: interest, attention, liking someone etc.


4. What if anyone discovers that I use pheromones?

Don’t worry – this is not possible, because the pheromones do not have their own scent, and therefore they are not recognized by the human sense of smell. The fragrance of perfumes with pheromones cannot be distinguished from traditional perfumes available on the market. As long as you don’t tell anyone, no one will know – we can guarantee it.


5. Can I use pheromones with my perfume?

Of course – it is even recommended. Unless you decide to buy from us the perfume containing pheromones – in this case it will be enough.


6. Are pheromones addictive?

So far, there has been no observed case of physical or psychological dependency on pheromones. Even everyday use does not cause any symptoms that may be qualified to the addiction scale.


7. Are pheromones legal in Poland?

Yes, of course. Perfumes with pheromones, as well as pure pheromones are completely legal worldwide. They have no adverse effects, so they cannot be prohibited by law.


8. At what distance pheromones are effective?

Pheromones stimulate the so-called VNO centre, which is located in the nose, and thus may affect the other person from a distance of even a few meters. Obviously, the best effects can be felt staying closer – about one meter away.


9. For how long pheromones remain on the skin?

The average duration of action of pheromones is 4 hours. However, this depends on many factors. The scent will linger for a shorter time in people with hyperhidrosis (increased perspiration), in heated rooms and at high temperatures. In cold rooms and during winter the action may be slightly elongated – even up to 8 hours.


10. Can I give pheromones as a gift, or it would be a rather tactless gesture?

Of course you can – pheromones are an excellent idea for a gift. However, it depends for whom. We recommend giving pheromones just to your dear ones. Remember, however, to inform the person you are giving them to about their effect.