How do human pheromones work?



If you follow our blog on a regular basis, you already know what pheromones are. Now it is the time to answer the question: how do pheromones affect us in different situations?


To test it, the researchers followed, as it might seem, ever so strange experiments. One of them was based on making women smell sweaty T-shirts of men with whom they had never been in touch. The test was designed to determine which ones aroused them sexually, and which ones provoked a disgust.


What was discovered? Women were most attracted to the smell of sweat of men who differed from them genetically. We can therefore conclude that using the pheromones, the nature suggests us which partner will be our best choice. It is therefore important to know how pheromones work in different places.


Pheromones in the bedroom

During sex, pheromones attract a partner and impact his sub-consciousness, adding sexual courage to him/her and to you. This way, experiments in bed will not be only a fearful fantasy anymore, but they will become a reality. In addition, pheromones also remain on the sheets, so they will favourably affect your sex life, even if you forgot to spray them on yourself.


Pheromones at a party

Pheromones are often (if not usually) used before going out to a club, to a disco or pub, to arouse interest in the opposite sex. Women and men who use pheromones increase their sexual potential, because they become more attractive and interesting. It is a great way to meet someone, even if you are shy. You will be the object of attention without much effort.


Pheromones at work

Pheromones are used not only for sexual purposes, but also in work situations. They help increase confidence and openness, so that cooperation and communication with the employee becomes easier. People using pheromones become trustworthy, raise respect and even are able to successfully use the methods of persuasion and manipulation.


These are just examples of situations in which the power of pheromones has real meaning. In fact, they affect human behaviour almost always. It is worth to see this for yourself.