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Cooperation with the leading experts from around the world, 9 years of research, unique molecules and innovative method of production – all these elements guarantee the superior quality of the product. The NEXT GENERATION PHEROMONES formula is the most effective pheromone on the market.

During the research that we conducted, we were able to observe the effect of synergy occurring between the naturally odourless pheromones and groups of scents significantly enhancing their action. Carefully selected fragrance ingredients used in the manufacture of NEXT perfumes have been enriched with a complex of incredibly powerful pheromones. As a result, they stimulate to act not only the opposite sex, but also business partners, as we observed while testing our products in the environment in which usually contacts between different groups of people occur.

Extremely active complex of pheromones (as much as 7 stars!) mixed with specially selected fragrance notes will surely satisfy everyone.

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